Over 15 million people have seen a small business in the media that has used one of our DIY PR kits.


The other day I found an old snakes and ladders board game and decided to play it with my two young kids. Aside from some happy memories of me being their age and playing the game with my mum and sister, I couldn’t help thinking about how the game relates to business success.

How do you land on the ladders that accelerate growth and success and avoid the snakes that can take you 15 steps back?

In my time of being a business owner, I’ve hit a few snakes, I’ll admit. I’ve hired the wrong people, I’ve taken on the wrong retained clients who didn’t align with my values and dented our businesses morale. I’ve wasted time on projects where the people I was working with were hell bent on doing it their way and weren’t open to new thinking. Sound familiar? Sure you learn from these experiences, but I won’t get that time back.

I’ve also landed on many ladders. I won’t lie, some were lucky and some were strategically planned. 

I’ve hired the right people. I’ve taken a little longer to think about things before jumping in and I’ve learned to question my assumptions. My poor wife is the person I run everything by, usually at precisely the wrong time according to her like when our two kids are threatening to jump off the top of a wardrobe.

I have to say that PR has honestly been a ladder in all my business successes on more than one occasion. 

A few years back I had a radio show on the Triple M network. As the underdog, I didn’t have a big marketing budget and needed to get listeners quickly or my show would be scrapped. I went from zero listeners to many; I went from no guests to a queue of A-listers appearing on my show. How? I got coverage in media and that built my profile and told my story. It meant people knew who I was and trusted that if they came on my show, fun things would happen.

For eight years I had an advertising agency that helped many not-for-profit clients like the Sydney Symphony and the Council for the Arts as well as startups like Amazonia and Guzman y Gomez. Instead of hiring a key business development person, I pitched ideas to the trade media that other potential clients read and because a third party journalist reported on our success, it attracted new clients. They trusted that we would do great things with their brands.

So when was the last time you landed on a ladder?

We created I Do My Own PR to help more small businesses get on the ladders. Follow our simple process. Get into the press. Enjoy the limelight.

Julia Hill has been using our DIY PR kit to get her on the ladders for her removable wallpaper company, Luxe Walls.

“In four months we got over 20 pieces of media coverage. It’s just what we needed to put ourselves on people’s radars. Because people saw us in the media, they believed we could be trusted and the sales have steadily grown ever since

“We’ve built great relationships with some key media and they now come to us to ask for updates.

“As a small business with zero budget when you start out, you think PR is the last thing you will get to do. It’s like PR is a luxury that only big companies can afford but we are doing a great job of doing it ourselves. I think the media prefer hearing from us directly if I’m honest!”

To find out if PR could be a ladder for you, take our quick, free PR assessment. We’ll spend 20 minutes looking at your situation and we’ll be honest about your chances of getting in the media. 

Our mission

To bring well deserved business fame, sales leads and oxygen to ambitious small businesses.

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We're not a PR agency and we're not a course.
We're like the IKEA of PR with a twist - you follow our quick simple process with everything included and build it yourself. 

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“Using I Do My Own PR was one of the best decisions we made.
We’ve been in the media 20 times since we started doing our own PR four months ago. The media now rings us to feature our products. Business is good.”

Julie Hill. Luxewalls