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“Working with I Do My Own PR was one of the
best decisions we made.”

Julia Hill. Founder. Luxe Walls

Business outcomes

An increase in sales
An increase in brand trust
An increase in social media followers
An increase in web traffic
An increase in our sales conversions
on our site

Coverage Results

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Within four months of doing her own PR, Julia had secured over 20 pieces of media coverage in titles like Realestate.com.au, The Daily Telegraph Home section, Better Homes & Gardens TV show, Talking Lifestyle Home radio show, Real Living and more.

“It’s just what we needed to put ourselves on people’s radars. Because people saw us in the media, they believed we could be trusted and the sales have steadily grown ever since.

“We’ve built great relationships with some key media and they now come to us to ask for updates. I think the media prefer dealing with us directly if I’m honest!

“As a small business with zero marketing budget when you start out, you think PR is the last thing you will get to do. It’s like PR is a luxury that only big companies can afford but we are doing a great job of doing it ourselves - with a little bit of help from the I Do My Own PR experts when we need it!”

What was the problem Julia needed PR To Solve?

Luxe Walls turned one recently and is now a thriving, viable business that has cornered the Australian market for customisable, removable wallpaper.

A year ago today, it was a very different story.

Julia knew she had a great idea, her business was set up and she had a few paying customers – enough to know she was onto something but not enough to keep the doors open.

She had a great Instagram account full of awesome feature walls and ideas and a good amount of followers, but these followers weren’t converting to customers.

To get more customers, she needed more people to know about her idea and she needed people to trust her company would deliver what it promised.

So where to next? A friend suggested PR to get over the trust and awareness issues but she didn’t have the budget for a PR agency and she didn’t know how to do it herself.

How did Julia turn her business around?

Up steps  I Do My Own PR. Julia came to us as she needed something to fill the gap between doing nothing and engaging a PR agency to do it for her.

Julia followed our simple process and with some guidance from our PR experts, we sorted out her messaging, we worked out her story angles and together we figured out which media to target.

What Julia did really well was working out her niche early on and focusing solely on it. For Luxe Walls, she knew that interiors and home publications, sections and shows would be the best way to reach potential customers.

She started with the problems her product solve:

She started with the problems her product solve:

1. You can brighten up forgotten, neglected or dull spaces.

2. It’s removable, so you can change your walls easily with changing trends.

3. You can choose landscapes and photographic images, rather than just the repeating patterns typical of wallpaper.

4. It’s customisable, so you can put your own images on your wall.

Julia wrote a press release, using our template, talking about all the different ways the removable wallpaper can be used.

She started with the problems her product solve:

1. How it’s perfect for renters - they can put up whatever they like to make the place their own and then remove it when they move on.

2. A call out on trends - which at the time were botanicals and textures like concrete, timber and bricks.

3. Also that people were using their service to put personal photos on their walls.

“People arrive at our website after seeing us
in the media trusting our brand and with a full understanding of the benefits of our product.”

Julia Hill. Founder

What did Julia learn from doing her own PR?

Journalists are not actually scary:

I was a bit worried about contacting journalists to begin with, but everyone I’ve dealt with has been really friendly. I’ve built some strong relationships with quite a few of the ones important to us and they now call me for an update on trends and news.

PR is about building trust in your brand:

We used PR for awareness but also to make sure people felt they could trust us. If the media’s writing about us, it means they think we’re worth it and so will potential customers.

The ROI is massive:

Without a doubt we’ve had lots of sales on the back of being in the media. There’s no way we could have afforded to pay for that equivalent space through advertising.

It doesn’t take long when you know what you’re doing:

It’s such a simple process to follow that once you learn the basics, it becomes second nature and takes no time at all. I try to come up with a story every quarter and spend a day on each one – coming up with the angle, drafting my pitch emails and then contacting the media.

Our mission

To bring well deserved business fame, sales leads and oxygen to ambitious small businesses.

How we're different

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We're like the IKEA of PR with a twist - you follow our quick simple process with everything included and build it yourself. 

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“Using I Do My Own PR was one of the best decisions we made.
We’ve been in the media 20 times since we started doing our own PR four months ago. The media now rings us to feature our products. Business is good.”

Julie Hill. Luxewalls