Well done on taking your first step towards doing your own PR.
It’s a skill you will never regret learning.

All the business owners we speak to that have gone through our kits tell us that they view their business differently once they get to grips with what makes a story and how to get free media coverage.

It helps them understand not only what excites the media but also their customers; it helps them make better business decisions and plan more effectively for the future. 

In this kit, we will work with you on your launch story.
Some of you will have launched a product or company before and for others, this will be your first foray into the startup world; either way, don’t worry, we’ll make sure you’re on the right track. 

We will lead you through the process of getting ready to speak to media – from solidifying your story angle to drafting your media materials to working out which media to target and the best way to approach them.

Throughout the process, we will ask you to read some background information, fill out some worksheets and work to pre-prepared templates.

If you’re really stuck and you'd like us on your launch personally, you can always upgrade and we will help you work it all out.


The worksheet is intended to ask you questions that help you work out the best way to approach your launch story; to help you see how you stand apart from others and why the media will be interested in your launch.

Download it, fill it in and then click the 'Launch Story' module below.

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Note: Please don't start the modules until you've completed the worksheet above. 


A launch story is when you announce the arrival
of your product or service onto the market to the media.


Product reviews are when the media trial your
product and report their findings to their audience. 

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