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Imagine for a moment, you are the leader of Russia’s space program.
It’s first thing in the morning on Friday, July 21, 1969, and your week is winding down. In fact, you are looking forward to the weekend and taking a few well-deserved rest days.

You’ve been burning the candle at both ends and working long hours, but your work is definitely going to pay off. You have the best spacecraft in the world and have assembled the finest team of astronauts. You are ready.

In just a few days, you’ll be ready to launch and this time you know you’ll make it to the moon.


Walking to your front door, you open it and pick up the newspaper that has landed on your doorstep. Looking down at the cover, your heart sinks.


On the front page is an image of US Astronaut, Neil Armstrong, with the American flag – he is standing on the moon.


All of your sacrifice and years of work, wasted. No matter what you do now, you will never be the first person to make it to the moon.


Today’s ultra-competitive marketplace can sometimes feel like the space race of the 1960s. We regularly see startup businesses knocked out of contention after they miss out on their own moon landing moments.


Your product can be better than anything your competitors have to offer, but if they beat you to the punch and capture the attention of the media first, then the territory is theirs.


We’re not saying it’s impossible to have a story written up about a product that a competitor has launched ahead of you. There are always exceptions to the rule. If a major brand like Audi was to contact a journalist to announce the launch a new electric car, that sees them compete with Tesla, a journalist will be all ears.


However, there are reasons for this. Audi is well established and a trusted brand, that’s been around for a long time. It has taken years, and lots of money, to build its brand into the powerhouse it is today.


Startup businesses on the other hand, often have very little extra spend for marketing and promotion and getting some media coverage could really help bolster the brand name and create trust with audiences.


We get it; you’ve worked as hard as you can to build your brand.

You have to make this work. You’ve sacrificed so much, leaving that well-paying job and risking it all, despite the naysayers. Debt is mounting, along with the pressure, but it’s going to work out because you’ll land a paying client, right?


Missing a moon landing moment to a competitor has been a deathblow to many a startup business.


However being the first to market and getting media coverage has taken many brands from unknown to trusted very quickly.


A good news story, praising and promoting your product, tells the audience you are a brand worth watching. More often than not, the journalist writing about your brand will represent your potential customers and talk to them directly. A good story from a journalist can be just the push required to bring customers in.


At I Do My Own PR, we’ve helped take brands to the moon countless times. Our business requires us to be experts at launching all sorts of products and services. We’ve been involved in launching everything from Hollywood movies to cans of coke, airlines to new radio shows to apps to numerous startup businesses.


What we specialise in, and where the real gold lies, is showing you how to get your story into reputable publications and news outlets that your potential customers trust and that have a wide reach - not just the startup press.


But before you consider launching to the media, you have to be prepared and to launch correctly.

We recommend asking yourself three questions:

1. Is your product or service ready?

2. Do you have a website that is up and running?

3. Do you have the systems in place to handle an influx of customers and enquiries?

If you are close to launching a product, and you really want to claim your spot on the moon, head to our website, and we’ll give you a free assessment, detailing the likelihood of the media picking up your story.


If your brand aligns with ours, we’ll become part of your team and strap you in for the ride. We’ll be your mission control keeping you safe. Like we said, we’ve taken our clients to the moon a many times and would love to do the same for you.


Click here to see examples of companies we’ve helped launch and who have made it to the moon.



Sales Starter

PR starts the sales conversation.
When people hear about your business in the press, they are more likely to trust what you’re selling. They arrive at your business with a credit card in hand.



When your brand appears in the media, it naturally raises your profile. People hear about you and it puts you front of mind. The phone starts ringing and your web traffic shoots up. Now you just need to convert them.


Trust & credibility

People are far more willing to purchase a product reported on by trusted media. A story written by an independent journalist is so much more credible than an ad or social post ever could be.



As featured in

When you appear in the media, you can put the logos on your website like a badge of honour.


Google ranking

Google looks for genuine, trustworthy content so if a trade magazine mentions your company and links to your website then this will increase your ranking on Google too. 


Own your space

Your product can be better than anything your competitors have to offer, but if they beat you to the punch and capture the attention of the media first, then the territory is theirs.


Mass reach

Getting media coverage is like word of mouth on steroids. It’s like a friend’s recommendation but targeted to thousands of people at once.


It's free!

Unlike advertising, you don’t pay the media to write about you. If a journalist likes what you are about, they will run a story on you totally free of charge and that’s why it’s so powerful.


One chance

You only launch once, so don’t blow it!

Our mission

To bring well deserved business fame, sales leads and oxygen to ambitious startups & small businesses.

How we're different

We're not a PR agency and we're not a course.
We're like the IKEA of PR with a twist - you follow our quick simple process with everything included and build it yourself. 

(Don't worry - you get access to an expert to guide you and check
before you start swearing).


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