expert step 1

In this step, we will talk about how to position yourself as an expert
and a thought leader within your industry


The first way to increase your profile is to weigh in on a debate in your industry or category, thereby positioning you as an expert.

The best place to start is to look at the stories being written and the discussions taking place about your industry. What are the big issues that everyone is talking about?

Often you will see stories written about your industry that you have an opinion on. In these cases, you can look to get involved in the discussions and by doing so, introduce your business.

It’s a great way of not only raising your profile but also making you more credible in your field.

For example if you own a pub, you could give your opinion on the lock out laws and comment on how it’s affected your business; are lock out laws the solution, has it reduced violence in your venue or just reduced your income?

Years ago, a pub in Sydney used to hand out Chupa Chups lollies to keep people quiet at chuck out time. Have you introduced something unusual to combat an issue?

Perhaps you make reusable coffee cups and if so, the debate on the war on waste would be a big play arena for your business.

If fitness is your game, look at the latest stats released on the health of the nation or something similar and see if you can tie what you do into the discussion.

Alternatively what are the issues in your industry that no one is talking about but should be? Could you lead a debate and thereby cement yourself as an authority?

It might even be that you could share your knowledge in an area to help others and therefore be part of a bigger story.


Another good way to increase your personal profile and your credibility is by writing guest posts.

Some small business websites and blogs encourage people to contribute a ready-made story or a guest post. This is not a story specifically about your company or product, but rather one that uses your knowledge and expertise to help or guide others in a similar situation, which by default gives you and your business kudos.

It needs to be providing tips and advice that others will benefit from reading.

Examples are:

Five tips on getting funding.

How to upscale and maintain control. 

The barriers I had to overcome to succeed.

Don’t be afraid if your product evolves and ends up being totally different from what you first imagined.

Bringing on investors & advisors taught me x.

I nearly lost my business because I made one stupid mistake.

Where startups often go wrong.

How to bootstrap your business.

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