Product step 2

In this step, we’ll work through drafting the documents you send to
the media. All you really need is a fact sheet or a product brochure if you
have one and some photos.


First you need to think about the key points you need to get across in your fact sheet.

We’ve created a worksheet to help you figure out what your key messages are.

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Average time to complete


Now on to your fact sheet. This covers the basic details about your company and what it does. It’s a quick reference tool for media so they get all the facts about your company and your product or service correct.

Make sure your key messages are included – you’d be surprised how many people forget to mention where their product is sold.

You can keep your fact sheet on file and use it over and over again and it’s great to send to a journalist if you get a call out of the blue asking for information on your company.

When filling out the template, make sure you change the title of the headers so they work for you. This template is a guide not a mandated blueprint.

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You need to think about what images you will supply the media to go with your review. Some will use the sample you send them and shoot it themselves, but others will need you to supply images.

You will need some stock jpeg images of some or all of the below:

Your product deep etched – on a white background


Your homepage or app (always nice to give a few options)

App or homepage 1

Your app in action


Customers using your product or service if possible/appropriate


Lifestyle shots of your product in its natural environment eg your candle on a wooden bench with a bunch of flowers next to it; your notebook next to an expensive pen; your gadget in the home, a child playing with your toy etc



Don’t send massive files – reduce them down to around 1-2MB and 300dpi for print.

Try to have a selection of images so you can send different ones to different media.

Online publications prefer landscape images as they fit better with their designs.

Provide a link to a Dropbox folder or similar from which media can download the images.

Consider using to reduce and customise the name of the link.

It's all about first impressions, so consider using a professional photographer. A good shot can dramatically increase your chances of getting coverage.

Helpful apps and services*

If you need help getting your images looking good on a white background try picmonkey

If you need the background removing try:



* As recommended by existing clients.

Please don't progress to Step 3 until you have read every tab and
completed your key messages and fact sheet.

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