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There are writers that specialise in certain areas such as fashion, beauty, health & wellness, fitness, food & drink, tech etc, so if your product fits into one of these categories, you should be starting to develop relationships with the ones relevant to you.

Read those pages; watch and listen to those specific programs to get a feel for the kind of stories they run. Think about how you are approaching your category differently and why that might be of interest to their audiences.

What problems are you solving?

How is your product different?

What does it do that competitive products don’t?

Have you sourced unusual ingredients or
are you using technology differently?

Are you using your product to give back to a charity?

Often the best way to start a relationship with these media is to give them a sample of your product to review.

Be prepared. Sending a sample product to a contact does not guarantee a positive review, or a review at all, and you also can’t control when they review it.

And if you don’t have a physical item to send out, all is not lost. There are plenty of instances where a journalist will review a website, an app or you can send them on a trip to experience your product eg your hotel or salon, your paintballing business or your cheese making course.

For experiences, you will need to invite journalists to come down for a free treatment, night or course. You can either give them a voucher or arrange a good time for them to visit.

You won’t always get a standalone review. Often you will be included alongside other brands in your category in a wrap up of the best new lipsticks, apps that monitor health, food delivery services, salons for organic facials for example. Don’t underestimate the value of this; the fact that yours has been chosen out of all that are available on the market is a big deal.

For example, Nik, our founder, needed a new sleeping bag for a walking trip.
He quickly filmed how he went from reading a review to making a purchase.

Here are some other examples to check out.

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