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In this step, we’ll help you find your expert issues and guest post topics.

We’ll give you tips on how to create your own guest posts and show you how to go about communicating your expert opinion to media.

This time it’s not about drafting a media release or a fact sheet (although if you have a fact sheet that you have written for another story, you can use it), 

but rather it’s about preparing bespoke content for individual titles.

It will either be a pitch email with your opinion outlined clearly or it will be a finished article in the form of a guest post.


The best way to work out how you fit in is to look at the stories that are being written and the issues being talked about in your industry. You could begin with your trade press and then work your way up to the daily newspapers; see what’s driving debate and interest.

The trick is to look out for any stories about your sector – not your product or service. It’s the big picture of what you do as a whole that you’re looking for.

You don’t have to stick to your trade media or even domestic media; you could look to overseas titles too for inspiration. Sites like Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur etc. are all great places for triggering thought starters about trending issues that you could tweak for the Australian media.

Over the course of the year, if you see any stories that interest you or are relevant to your industry, jot down the name of the writer and the publication somewhere safe so you can refer back to them when you’re ready to tell your story.

Set up a Google alert on your chosen subject so you can keep abreast of any articles that run.

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Here you need to draft a punchy email that pitches your opinion on a topical issue.

For example, you are a small business that has used government grants in the past to give you an initial leg up but it turns out this wasn’t all it cracked up to be and actually harmed your business because it gave you false data on how your business was performing.

In this case you would prepare your point succinctly and outline what happened to you, why it didn’t work and what others should watch out for if they are considering going down that route.

Including anecdotal stories works well to illustrate your point and makes it real rather than simply theoretical.


You may be thinking that surely no-one would be interested in what you’ve got to say about your boring job, but you’d be wrong.

You are no doubt a font of knowledge and you don’t even know it.

  • You could run a business that requires extensive warehousing solutions
  • Or you’ve researched & used every distribution and logistics company possible to handle your mail outs to customers
  • Or you’ve made your fair share of mistakes building your own website
  • Or you now know the right way to find an offshore factory based on your own experience of trial and error

Whatever it is, I guarantee other small businesses in the same situation would love to learn from you.

Take that experience and draft your top five tips on that subject all the while keeping small businesses in mind.

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