Well done on taking your first step towards doing your own PR.
It’s a skill you will never regret learning.

All the business owners we speak to that have gone through our kits tell us that they view their business differently once they get to grips with what makes a good story and how to get free media coverage.

It helps them understand not only what excites the media but also their customers; it helps them make better business decisions and plan well for the future.

In this kit, we will work with you to find the best and easiest ways for you to get free media coverage. Some ways will rely on you having a story or being able to create a story, however others don’t require you to have a story at all.

The idea is not to go out with all your media activities at the same time, but rather to space them out over the year to gain a bit of momentum and keep you in the media for longer.

At the start, we'll ask you some questions about your business and from your answers, we'll tell you what we think the best opportunities are for you to get into the media over the coming year.

We'll do this by sending you a personalised video response from one of our PR experts.

We will then lead you through the process of getting ready to speak to media – from drafting your media materials to working out which media to target to understanding the best way to approach them.

Throughout the process, we will ask you to read some brief background information, fill out some worksheets and work to pre-prepared templates.

The first one we’ll ask you to fill in is a Discovery Worksheet. 


Please download and complete this worksheet

Ave time to complete  - 40 mins

Once completed, please email it to us

What happens next?

If we have questions we will contact you, otherwise
you will receive your personalised video response within 2 business days.
Then you can move on to the modules below.


Note: Please don't start the modules until you've completed the worksheet above and sent it to us. 


A news story is when you have something new to say like a new product launching,
a high profile staff member joining your company, new research to share, something topical or a quirky
angle. The key is your story must be new and interesting.


Product reviews work best for businesses with physical
products that can be sent to the media to trial.

They also work really well for things like apps, services and experiences and are a great way of building trust
in your products and brand.


There are two kinds of events - ones that the public can attend and ones that are invitation only. Both can result in media coverage if approached in the right way.


Many publications run gift guides in the lead up to special occasions like Christmas and Father’s Day. As with product reviews, these work better for physical products and for things
like services and experiences eg spa treatments, 
paint-balling sessions, vouchers etc.


Positioning yourself as an expert is particularly effective if you have extensive experience in your field. Through giving your expert opinion on issues in your industry you build the credibility of you as a person and in turn your company and its products.

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