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Nailing your website homepage messaging.

3 THINGS YOU MUST NAIL WITH YOUR WEBSITE MESSAGING. Every week we receive a lot of free assessments filled in by business owners interested in using PR to boost their sales. One of the biggest challenges we face is understanding what each business actually does. No joke sometimes it can take us around five minutes…

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Every startup deserves a moon landing

EVERY STARTUP DESERVES A MOON LANDING Imagine for a moment, you are the leader of Russia’s space program.It’s first thing in the morning on Friday, July 21, 1969, and your week is winding down. In fact, you are looking forward to the weekend and taking a few well-deserved rest days. You’ve been burning the candle at…

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From unknown to success story in under 4 months

FROM UNKNOWN TO SUCCESS STORY IN UNDER 4 MONTHS. “Working with I Do My Own PR was one of thebest decisions we made.” Julia Hill. Founder. Luxe Walls Business outcomes An increase in sales An increase in brand trust An increase in social media followers An increase in web traffic An increase in our sales…

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Is your business landing on snakes or ladders?

IS YOUR BUSINESS LANDING ON SNAKES OR LADDERS? The other day I found an old snakes and ladders board game and decided to play it with my two young kids. Aside from some happy memories of me being their age and playing the game with my mum and sister, I couldn’t help thinking about how the…

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Are you working responsibly?

ARE YOU WORKING RESPONSIBLY? Well if I’m honest, I’m not sure that I am working responsibly all of the time. I mean look at me – I’m writing this blog post at 2am because my mind just won’t switch off! The mental health of founders is no laughing matter; it’s very real. The long days,…

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