Paridhi is on a mission to skill up women so they don’t leave themselves vulnerable to financial stress.

Too many women end up on the poverty line unexpectedly and women need to be more financially independent and savvy today. So she’s created a financial education program called SkilledSmart and over 80% of her students are women.

She uses our ‘Boost Me’ kit to keep her business in the media.

What Paridhi loves

“I’ve had a massive spike in online traffic. This has lead to sales and people joining my newsletter. I’ve also got Six backlinks from all the online publications. Oh yes 7 more ‘As Seen In’ logos to put on my website.

“I never thought I’d be able to afford PR for my business… your service has completely changed the game for me, and allowed me to ‘play with the big leagues’ on a shoe-string budget. You make it simple and having direct access to Jocelyne in realtime is amazing.”

Paridhi Jain. Founder

“Within three weeks we appeared in The Sun Herald, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Canberra Times, The Brisbane Times and WA Today. SmartCompany and Startup Smart ran a story. We got 4 minute segments on Ch 7 Sunrise & Ch 9’s A Current Affair. SBS TV also ran a big story on us!”

Luxe Walls

Luxe Walls is the new leader in removable, reusable, self-adhesive wallpaper. It offers thousands of high quality images, which can be printed on its wallpaper and used to transform homes and offices.

Co-founder, Julia Hill decided to tackle the PR for the launch herself and used our ‘Launch Me’ kit to do so.

She has since moved on to our ‘Boost Me’ kit and has secured coverage in over 16 top media titles in just six months.

What Julia loves

“Working with Jocelyne from I Do My Own PR was one of the best decisions we made.

“Over the last four months we have had great success with websites, magazines and newspapers embracing our product. I Do My Own PR gave us the tools and confidence to achieve all of this.”

“The I Do My Own PR steps are laid out in a way that give you a solid direction of where to go and the instructions of how to get there. Knowing Jocelyne is there for support is an added benefit, especially when starting out.

She has since moved on to our ‘Boost Me’ kit and has secured coverage in over 16 top media titles in just six months.

Julia Hill. Founder

“We’ve been in the media 30+ times since we started doing our own PR nine months ago. The media now rings us to feature our products. Business is good.’

PARK Social Soccer

Sam is the former Apple Global Creative Director hired directly by Steve Jobs. He understands the power of PR.

He used our ‘Launch Me’ kit to spread the word about his socially conscious 1-for-1 football brand PARK Social Soccer.

What Sam loves

“PARK is a startup socially conscious brand and as such we don’t have the deep pockets to commission a full-time PR agency. Even though we believe in the power of PR to move the business forwards… catch22!

“Up steps I Do My Own PR, for an affordable price we can now access top PR knowledge and guidance. They gave us the tools to do it ourselves and we’re actually enjoying being in the driving seat!”

Sam Davy. Chief Ball Officer

“I followed the process. From a single piece of coverage we got 75 sales within 48 hours.”

Hawkes Brewing Co.

David and Nathan were working in NYC and were missing home in Australia. They made a hit list of people they’d love to have a beer with. They both agreed on Bob Hawke, the legendary ex Australian Prime Minister. 

Instead of just having a beer with the great man, they decided to open a brewery together. It’s a great story and we continue to help them tell the world.

What Nathan loves

“Having access to Jocelyne and Nik is truly amazing. They helped us nail the launch. The process is easy to follow and we’ve used it repeatedly to get more and more press coverage for our brand. 

They gave us the names and contact details of every journalist that counts!

We’ve fostered some great relationships with these journalists. They now come to us for quotes and we go directly to them every time we have a story.

I love the fact that I can book and buy extra time with Jocelyne to discuss ideas whenever I need it. They’ve got our backs.”

Nathan Lennon. Co-founder

“I woke up to my business on the front page of newspapers, across national breakfast TV and radio. We’re now stocked in over 350 outlets nationally including Coles.”

Baxter Blue Eyewear

Jasmin and Aaron Telford decided to personally take on the issue of digital eyestrain.

They launched a fashionable range of glasses that helps filter out harmful blue light for digital devices.

An option already existed for people who wore prescription glasses, but not for those that didn’t.

They used ‘Launch Me’ to kick-start the sales machine.

What Jasmin loves

“We knew we had a great story, however we needed help understanding the best way to package that story up and how to contact the media to give us the greatest chance of success.

“Jocelyne put us on the right track with just one session and we got the results we wanted.”

Jasmin Telford. Co-founder

“The phones started ringing at 5.34am with sales calls the moment our story ran in Fairfax newspapers around the country and what’s more, it’s still ringing!”


Creative agency accounting specialist, Generate, wanted to raise its profile in the small business media.

Managing partner, Ben Fletcher, tasked his Practice Manager with learning the skill of PR using our ‘Boost Me’ kit.

She handled the whole process from beginning to end and managed to get opinion pieces written by Ben into two key business titles plus he was quoted in an article that ran across all Fairfax titles.

What Ben loves

“Within three hours, someone in our office with no prior experience was up to speed on how PR works and is now rolling out multiple stories.

“Highly recommend checking it out as this service is a great option for SME businesses that might not necessarily have the budget for an external PR firm.”

Ben Fletcher. Managing Director

“We’re using the kit to create brand recognition and establish ourselves as thought leaders, all with the added bonus of boosting our SEO ranking.”

StrangeLove Beverage Co.

Melbourne based brand, StrangeLove, released a range of super-premium mixers. 

The brand needed to hit the ground running in order to capitalise on the trend of craft drinks and consequently penetrate the market quickly.

The challenge was establishing credibility for the brand from the start to help open doors for the sales team. Getting media coverage was the fastest and most effective way to build trust for the brand within the industry.

What  James loves

“Before finding I Do My Own PR, my experience of PR seemed to consist almost entirely of paying for other people to eat canapes.

“I was stuck in the grey area of not being able to afford a high-end PR agency and feeling like it was beyond my skill set to do it internally.

“I Do My Own PR reduced the process to a set of simple steps and – by the end – I had a simple, powerful story to put out to media (and a method for putting it out).

“Better yet, it is a process I have gone back to again and again. I recommend it without any hesitation!”

James Bruce. Founder

“I Do My Own PR, reduced the process to a set of simple steps and – by the end – I had a simple, powerful story to put out to media (and a method for putting it out).”

Pelvic Expert

Heba Shaheed is The Pelvic Expert. As her title suggests, she is a go-to person on anything relating to the pelvic floor and for women recovering post pregnancy.

She used our ‘Build Me’ kit to reaffirm her standing as THE expert in this space. After just one session with one our experts, she secured guest posts and opinion pieces in The Guardian, Mamamia and The Daily Mail Australia.

What Heba and Nabeil loves

“We learnt some great insights from I Do My Own PR and were a lot more comfortable contacting journalists from media outlets that we were keen to do PR with.

“We were featured in mainstream publications and niche women’s magazines. Whenever we were in media we noticed a material uptick in website visits and social media followers which is an important part of our business strategy.”

Heba Shaheed. Founder

“Whenever we were in media we noticed a material uptick in website visits and social media followers which is an important part of our business strategy.”

Aim for the Stars Foundation

The Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation empowers women to achieve their dreams by providing mentoring and sponsorships.

AFTS needed to raise awareness of the scholarships and drive applications.

And what a result they got – WIN TV, Channel 7’s Daily Edition and The Canberra Times in just two weeks.

What  Kelly loves

“What I loved the most was having someone looking over my shoulder to reinforce that we were doing the right thing and to tell us which story to go with.

“I needed a simple process to follow and I needed someone to tell me which media to contact. We now have direct relationships with the key media in our area.”

Kelly Holcroft. Head of Scholarships & Alumni

“We had a Mt Everest of a spike in website and Facebook traffic when our stories ran and applications to our scholarship program rocketed. It’s just what we needed to finish off the year.”


Paul Colgan, Editor-in-chief. Business Insider

“It’s always refreshing to hear directly from a business owner. Nobody can express the passion and give you the authentic insights and information on their market as a founder can.”

David Spanton, publisher of Bartender Magazine

“This tool really levels the playing field for craft brands that don’t have the budgets for PR agencies. The skills of identifying a real story and approaching the media properly are something all business owners should learn. A tool such as this can only be a great thing for the industry.”

Nicholas Humphrey, Author of The Penguin Small Business Guide,
The Business Startup Guide and the Maverick Executive (Wolters Kluwer)

“Absolute game changer for any small business wanting to unleash the power of PR on a tight budget. Getting media exposure for your business should be on every founder’s radar.”